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APOCALESE. TM. TIME OF JUDGMENTA. The End Times sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. ŁHANK YOU. ŁO ŁHE. Werewolf the Apocalypse Revised Edition - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Revised Edition) - The Signs are upon us. The Earth PDF. $ Softcover B&W Book. $ Hardcover B&W Book. $

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Werewolf The Apocalypse Pdf

T. A sovºrcebook for Werewolf. TAe Ap ocalypse. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5 . Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Mind's Eye Theatre and The. Apocalypse are trademarks of White Wolf, Inc. All characters, names, places and text herein are copy- righted by White Wolf, Inc. WTA: Werewolf: The Apocalypse Rulebook, WTA: Werewolf Storyteller's Screen, WTA: Rite of Passage, WTA: See also: Dark Ages: Werewolf books and Werewolf: The Wild West books WTA: Werewolf Players Guide · Bullet-pdf .

Clogged the Waters Unleashed the Eternal Fire This Deluxe Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter is designed to enable us to create a deluxe hardcover edition that stands proudly on its own as an amazing volume, or with Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. Most importantly, unlike the Deluxe V20 cover embossing, the Deluxe W20 features claw marks die-cut right through the front cover in the tradition of the first two WtA editions. See the W20 Heavy Metal Edition Visual Target- the way we want it to look if at all possible but not a prototype or dummy copy below. As with the successful KSs for the Deluxe V20 Companion and the Deluxe V20 Children of the Revolution, we are posting this in order to give our backers the chance to have a say in the kind of package we'll deliver and to further foster the community of Werewolf fans around the world. The chapters and some of the art for W20 were reviewed and commented on by players during the Open Development Process on the W20 Blogs, and critical changes were made based on your input. We're looking to create an Ultra Deluxe W20 Heavy Metal Edition that has an inset slab of metal for the cover printed to match the original WtA cover and then punched through with the classic claw marks! We have never attempted anything like this before - actually using metal was something I'd discussed with the WW gang for WtA 2nd Edition, but we found it hard enough to punch the claw marks through the hardcover cover.

If you don't mind the notion of God being a celestial laptop or the increased micro-management of the system, it's worth looking at as it's a big update over the old version.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse books | White Wolf | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For better or worse depends on how you look at it. These books are, in order of release: Antagonists A whole slew of antagonists for the core game, but could also theoretically be used in the main games especially Hunter.

Includes a whole bunch of zombies including the regular kind, the primitive Prometheans called the Imbued no relation to Hunter: The Reckoning and those ghosts who have reentered their bodies and became Revenants in order to enact revenge. Others include a basic version of Hunters best used as antagonists , cults of all kind and a variety of other monsters. Armory Guns, a whole lot of them.

Also armor, vehicles and of course swords and such.

A good book to have when playing any NWoD game that relies heavily on equipment. The book takes a very responsible and mature look at weaponry without disrespecting the player's intelligence.

Skinchangers Yep, skinwalkers. Not all as evil as you'd think, just Book of Spirits Geist of those of you who don't want to use Geist.

A good book for those who fall victim to the realm of spirits as well as those who try to conquer it.

List of Werewolf: The Apocalypse books

Asylum Horror stories set in insane asylums are very common, so it's logical that the World of Darkness jumps that bandwagon. Also includes an in-depth look at an example asylum: Bishopgate. Reliquary Everybody knows that magical items are the Good Shit, even if they're cursed. There's a ton of premade items here as well as easy rules to make your own.

Changing Breeds You know how Forsaken removed all the bad things from Apocalypse? Now imagine if you take all those bad things, slap them together, double, triple and quadruple down on them and have "Satyros" Phil Brucato write it. One of the worst core WoD books. Innocents An add-on for the core book, you're just a kid who has to deal with the realities of the world revealing themselves to you.

If you survive you'll most likely either be institutionalized, a Hunter, or a serial killer.

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

Or more than one. Or a monster, that works too. The book you'll want if you want to play a Stranger Things game. Dogs of War The stories of black ops military units dealing with the supernatural. Perfect for those times you want to go all Delta Green, including how normal soldiers deal with the supernatural, how armies work as well as the more Inferno Rules for old-fashioned demons or angels almost completely different from the fallen angels of both God himself and the God Machine.

As it was one of the earlier supplements, it is horribly incompatible with the GMC rules update, being focused on one half of the old morality system. Contains rules for both demons themselves and the Possessed, those unfortunates possessed by a demon and now have to deal with the perverse being living inside their head. Slasher Despite being a Hunter book in all but name, Slasher can still be used on its own to create a whole bunch of serial killers to use as antagonists in a core WoD game.

Armory Reloaded How do you stop a grisly tentacled horror from tearing you apart? Use a gun. And if that don't work? Use more gun. Contains rules for fighting styles, high-tech weapons, blessed and cursed weapons and alternate rules for combat. Infamous for allowing the creation of some of the most powerful mortals the World of Darkness has ever seen.

According to their traditions, Gaia brought werewolves rules, such as how to stage a combat or chase scene, as well as into being as a response to the rise of their enemy — the Wyrm. The Garou maintain that their true purpose in life is to fight, kill Chapter Seven: The Umbra details the spirit world and its and die in the service of the Earth Mother.

The Garou's claim to be a race designed for battle is certainly Chapter Eight: Storytelling describes the role of the well founded. Werewolves are deadly creatures, perhaps the most Storyteller and offers advice on how to put together the best lethal overall of any living being in the world.

They possess great game possible. They heal remarkably quickly, adversaries and mortal foes. They possess mystical powers that Finally, the Appendix details Werewolf's supporting cast and allow them to travel the spirit world, strike with stealth or some of the trinkets that Garou characters find particularly useful.

They have all the intelligence and tool-using capability of any human, making some werewolves masters of both high technology and Sad to say, most movies, books and TV shows that depict werewolves aren't very helpful source material for a Werewolf occult power. Most importantly, werewolves are pack creatures, game. The tack most writers take is to approach the werewolf as a which makes them a hundred times stronger. A pack of werewolves person who becomes an uncontrollable monster when the full is worth more than 10 times its weight in enemies.

This misconception is the one humans of the World of If they were more numerous, it's possible that the werewolves Darkness have of werewolves which, of course, they don't believe would have already won the war. But they are too few in number; in consciously , but it's not an accurate picture of the Garou.

Their The Garou owe some of their traits to classic Western enemies are virtually uncountable, and they range from humans werewolf literature, but the reading list goes far beyond that. Somtow's Moon Dance is probably the best example of sters from deep in the earth that can tear apart tanks — to an entire recent werewolf horror fiction, and the most applicable.

Worst of all, the Garou fight amongst themselves. Rivalries that started centuries However, to get a proper feel for all the aspects of the ago continue even today as blood feuds that prevent the Garou Garou experience, we recommend a number of books on from achieving the unity that would make them unstoppable.

Just wolves, myths and environmental concerns. Jack London's as their pack mentality brings them together, their Rage drives works such as Call of the Wild and White Fang are just as suitable them apart. Such is the tragedy of Werewolf. For capturing the As you can see, the lot of a werewolf is far from an easy one.

American Indian viewpoint, we recommend American Indian But therein lies the appeal of trying on a wolfs skin for a while. Myths and Legends edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz for the legendary side, and just about anything by Each chapter of this book focuses on a different aspect of the Sherman Alexie for the human side.

You don't have to read them — if that. Wolfen, The Howling the first — the sequels are in order; feel free to skip around until you're comfortable with the strictly avoidable and An American Werewolf in London are book.

Naturally, the world of Werewolf is far too large to be probably the most applicable. Others include the classic The contained between two covers. This rulebook is intended to serve Wolf Man, Wolf the recent Jack Nicholson movie and An only as a foundation on which to build your games.

Feel free to American Werewolf in Paris — most of which are probably modify, clarify, elaborate upon or disregard anything and every- better for illustrating what humans think they know about thing within that doesn't suit your vision of an exciting game. Hayao Miyazaki's animated film Werewolf: The Apocalypse — both the Garou themselves Princess Mononoke, while not strictly about werewolves, is a and the world they prowl.

With Chapter Two: The Garou describes the werewolves of a rich cast of humans and nature-spirits and yes, there are the World of Darkness in more detail, particularly their breeds, huge, sentient wolves , it's as close to "must see" viewing for auspices and tribes — traits of bloodline and society that Werewolf's themes as it gets.

The ache was deep in his gut as he drew nearer to the caern's heart; over and over, he couldn't help thinking that he'd made a liar of his deed name this time. The invaders had given death and much, much worse to the Uktena sept. Most of the war council had perished in the first wave of the attack.

All that remained were some Kin and a few young ones. From the looks of it, they hadn't even gone through their Rite of Passage. Mephi padded gently toward the closest, a girl 15 or 16 at the most.

She looked at him with hollow eyes, her long hair hanging in bloody sweat- matted tangles. Our Warder finally dragged the last of them down, and the Tender Is she Mephi's footfalls were quiet on the torn sod as he paced over to the tree, and to the large, gray-furred wolf stretched out underneath. Deep wounds covered the wolf's aged body, and when she raised her head to her visitor, Mephi feared she wouldn't even have the strength left to talk. Mephi knelt next to her, leaning in close to listen.

We hear the twisted cries of Gaia's warriors, lost before they are renewed in the world. The steady drum of the Weaver pulls us into a fatal pattern that must be broken. There are many signs and portents, Silent Strider. Who will take word to the tribes? Something vital is lost that must be found. Many will scoff at my words.

The children will shut their ears with dirt. The others! But carry my words. Someone must hear them.

Werewolf the Apocalypse Revised Edition

She will know what to do. Of all the new cubs, I leave my hopes with her. Blue Water cried quietly, then began to gather rocks to cover the wolf's body. Mephi didn't move, lost for a moment in thought. Cryptic to the last — a true daughter of Uktena.


They've had a hard time, and maybe this is just her way of passing into the next life a little easier. But I'll keep her words safe. Never know when a prophecy might come in handy, the Galliard thought. And with that, he too gathered stones to cover the bodies of the dead. The world of Werewolf is not our own, although it too often, these rebels burn out in a blaze of glory. From what I have hear the Werewolf book is going to be even lager. I had decided earlier that I was going to wait and download the 2 volume set yes I am assuming that it will be like V20 when it is released as POD from Drivethru RPG unless there were really cool rewards to go along with the W20 Deluxe version.

The only version I could foresee downloading would be the Uber Deluxe version but that is out of my price range at this time. So sadly as much as I would really truly like to give more support this project I can not justify it. Maybe the next stretch goal could be to lower the price of the Heavy Metal edition?

David Logan October 4, at pm As a stretch goal i would like dice. Leonardo Marengoni October 6, at am How much would it cost me to get the phisical book, considering I live in Brazil? Unfortunately, I do NOT own a credit card.

Here in Europe, these are not as common as in the US and it would take more than one month to get one from my bank. I already checked the descriptions as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section of your project for information about other payment possibilities, but to no avail. This would be a great convenience for myself and presumably others as well as the only way for me to pledge the project at all. That means major credit cards or site Payments.

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