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KB. 03 - Archangel's KB. 04 - Archangel's KB. - Angels of Darkness - Nalini Singh, Ilona KB. "PARANORMAL ROMANCE DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS." -Love Vampires PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF NALINI SINGH Archangel's Blade "[A]. Archangels Blade (Guild Hunter 04) - Nalini Singh - dokument [*.epub] Table - Love Vampires "Nalini Singh has really outdone herself with Archangel's Kiss.

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Archangels Blade Epub

Archangel's Consort. Guild Hunter (Series). Book 3. Nalini Singh Author (). cover image of Archangel's Blade. Archangel's Blade. Guild Hunter (Series). offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. EPUB Download Free Archangel's Blade (A Guild Hunter Novel) => http://

Beyond the balcony doors now partially covered with the snow silk of the filaments, the Bluebell turned. His eyes widened at seeing the ocean of filaments, the glow. But before he could open the closed doors, a familiar voice entered all their minds. Leave now. It was an order from an archangel. Clear the skies above. Empty the land around. The Legion were moving even as the last word echoed in their minds. He was one of the Seven. With his own mind. The Bluebell dropped to the grass, then ran inside the house. The Legion broke into four parts and swept the area. Winged beings were already flying toward the river at high speed, their faces stark and their jaws determined.

The Bluebell dropped to the grass, then ran inside the house. The Legion broke into four parts and swept the area. Winged beings were already flying toward the river at high speed, their faces stark and their jaws determined.

Archangel's Blade - Nalini Singh (Del 4 i Guild Hunter) | Science Fiction Bokhandeln

The Legion dropped down in front of cars moving on the nearest road. When the first two cars halted with a screech that caused a burning scent to rise to their nostrils, the Legion wrenched the doors open and hauled the startled vampires out.

A group of the Legion rose into the air, two to a vampire. Neither did the vampires after they saw the angels racing from the Enclave to the water. Many of the angels streaming over the water held vampires or humans in their arms, getting their households out of danger.

Archangel's Blade

This was important. Julie Pearl Tubal. Julie Pearl Tubal pinned post 2 Jun Guild Hunter Series Author: Nalini Singh Some files are in the comments. Ruth Bobby. Hi Julie, can you repost Archangel's Heart again? I can't open it. Emelda Mwendwa.

Hi Julie, can you repost legion, heart, shadows please. April Volponi.

Archangel’s Blade

Angles blood is only 3 chapters Jalal Salam. Hemali Shah. Hey can you repost Legion please.

Ndumiso Mlambo. Kiara Momos.

Guild hunter Jacqs Rocker. Ingrede hated her mouth, wanted a little bow like the wife of their neighbor across the plain, but he loved her smile, loved the crooked tooth in the front, and the way she began to lisp when he talked her into too much of the white fire brewed by the same neighbor's son.

Now, setting down his bag on the doorstep, he cupped her cheek with his hand. Elena, he thought, would not have approved of the breach in proper forensic protocol, but the hunter was currently in Japan and wouldn't return to the city for three more days. The victim's head had been separated from his-as yet undiscovered-body with hacking slices, the weapon possibly some kind of a small ax. Not a neat job, but it had gotten things done. The skin, which appeared to have been either pink or white in life, was bloated and soft with water, but the river hadn't had time to degrade it into slime.

The mortals, too, felt something, but they had no true knowledge of the staggering change in the power structure of the Cadre of Ten, the archangels who ruled the world.

Because Caliane wasn't simply old, she was an Ancient. Having preceded Raphael and Elena home from Japan the previous day, he looked none the worse for wear after having been kidnapped and caught in the middle of a battle between archangels.

Dmitri felt his lips curve. Unfortunately, the angel with his wings of silver-kissed blue and eyes of gold was right. Dmitri hadn't yet succumbed to the ennui that affected so many of the immortals for the simple reason that he never stayed still. Of course, some would say he was leaning too far in the other direction-in the company of those who lived only for the piercing pleasure of blood and pain, every other sensation having grown dull. The thought should've concerned him.

That it didn't. But his inexorable descent into the seductive ruby red darkness had nothing to do with the current situation. Though why a vampire would come to New York when it was home to an archangel, and a powerful Guild of hunters dedicated to retrieving those who decided to run, wasn't as explicable.

Only the land, carpeted with wildflowers, remained, and it was Dmitri's, would always be Dmitri's. The tattoo high on the dead male's left cheekbone-black marks reminiscent of letters in the Cyrillic alphabet intertwined with three scrolling sentences in what might've been Aramaic-was both intricate and unusual.

Archangel’s Blade

He'd seen it before, or something similar, but he'd been alive almost a millennium and the memory was less than a shadow. And he realized what he'd overlooked at first glance. Many chose to navigate the conversion in an induced coma, except for certain necessary periods of wakefulness.

Dmitri had spent the months after his violent Making locked in iron chains on a cold stone floor. He remembered little of that time beyond the ice of the stone below his naked body; the rigid grasp of the manacles around his neck, his wrists, his ankles. But what came after he woke as an almost-immortal.

Wild blue across his vision, the flickering yellow light turning the glimmering threads of silver in Illium's feathers to pewter. Illium wasn't one of Raphael's Seven, the angels and vampires who had pledged their lives to the archangel, because he was anything less than piercingly intelligent.

Now he met that extraordinary gaze. The blue-winged angel said nothing as Dmitri put the head inside the plastic bag. There was no other evidence here for anyone to collect-the head had floated up on the Hudson, been spotted and retrieved by Illium as he flew over the river a mere fraction of a moment before the last rays of the sun were consumed by the night, could've come from anywhere.

Dmitri could have let it go at that, but there was more at stake here than a dangerous attraction.

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